Healing Creation by rediscovering contemplation

In front of a few hundred faithful gathered in the courtyard of Saint Damascus for the weekly general audience, Pope

Celebrating Ten years of Oasis By Fondacio !

"Throw myself into the abyss trusting that God will be there to receive me" a phrase that marked our commitm

Fondacio Chile : We keep trusting thanks to ConFIA

"At a firm pace and giving more relief to families in El Barrero", that is the assessment of the team respon

Fondacio Chile : Closing of the Winter Prayer Workshop

On August 28th, the Prayer Workshop organized by Fondacio's Spirituality and Formation Centre was closed with Fondaci

The Third Encyclical of Pope Francis

"Fratelli Tutti: On Fraternity and Social Friendship" is the name of the new encyclical that Pope Francis wi

The red zones of the Covid and of the climate.

Summer, with the heat, is the occasion for beautiful walks, along the sea, in the countryside or in the mountains.

IFF Europe: Therefore you didn't come for nothing!

Let's go for a year at IFF Europe!