Conviviality or the art of living together

Almost a year ago, the Second Manifesto of Convivialism, signed by 300 intellectuals from 33 different countries, app

Vatican news : Togo: Praying for a better 2021

Father Silvano Galli, SMA, says that people in Togo are praying and hope for political dialogue and a better 2021.

Young lives ’ Promotion in Pakse in Laos !

Young lives : From  August 19th to August 24th 2020, for 6 days and 6 nights our team went further south of Pakse.

Young Lives Laos Promotes in Thakhek & Pakse

Last August YLDC promoted a program in South Laos ! 


Ange : Ending the year in a festive atmosphere !

The year 2020 ended in a festive atmosphere in ANGE.

Covid and the life of the Church: what lessons can be learned?

What lessons can we learn from the Covid Pandemic?

Christmas lunch 2020 at Succes+ in Togo

Succes+, on christmas day friday 25th december 2020, distributed 275 christmas meals to children in Togo !