Pierre Laloux : IFF Europe/ CIRFA Alumni !

What are they doing now? Speech is given to the alumni of CIRFA/ IFF Europe.

Happy New Year from Fondacio France !

Happy New Year 2021 From Fondacio France !

Learnings from 2020 with Fondacio Asia

Despite the challenges we faced this year, it is still a blessing. Here are some sharing from our members from Fondac

Fondacio Chile : 100 boxes and more than 100 gifts

For many families, 2020 was a year full of challenges and difficulties that stretched their pockets to the limit.

Closing of the Confia campaign in Chile

On December 21st, the campaign of Libretas Confia (Trust Books) was closed.

Fondacio Chile's Midnight Mass by Zoom

A group of 14 people attended the traditional Fondacio Chile's Christmas mass which this time was held under the parr

Emotional Intelligence Workshop in Fondacio Asia

From October 6 to November 24, 2020, Fondacio Asia had an 8-week workshop about Emotional Intelligence as part of its