To Grandparents and Elders of Fondacio

Grandparents are present in all the activities and responsibilities carried out in Fondacio.

Pastoral Theological Week 2021

The Church invites you to be part of the Pastoral Theological Week 2021, which will be held from Tue

Ecclesial assembly of Latin America

Mexico is going to host the process of the Ecclesial Assembly of Latin America and the Caribbean, which will take pla

End of the year party at l'Esvière !

A look back at the end of the year party at the Esvière center in Angers on Saturday, June 26th

L'Ermitage's open house in Versailles

A look back on l' Ermitage's Open House on Saturday, June 26

Entering the campaign for democracy

In the aftermath of the regional and departmental elections in France, we can be concerned to see a big winne

The new CoLive 2021 Journey has started

The new CoLive Journey was launched on Saturday 5 June!