François Prouteau : " In May, do as you please"

" En mai, fais ce qu'il te plaît " (In May, do as you please) - "never cast a clout till May is out" says

Chile : IncluyeTé and REV together on Mother's Day

Fondacio Chile: Despite the pandemic, the efforts of the Hortinclusiva Cooperative continue on its path to achieve a

François Prouteau on Delphine Horvilleur's book

During these last weeks of confinement, I spent a lot of time in ZOOM in my office, next to my library.

Testimony of Marie Kanla: an IFF Europe alumni !

Marie Kanla now lives in Africa, in Burkina Faso. But sixteen years ago, she was a student of the D.U.

KICKSTART 2021 : Making 2021 an Awesome Year

Kickstart : 2020 was a giant hurdle for everyone due to the pandemic.

Praying for Myanmar !

Praying Together For Myanmar !

What is happening in Myanmar? François Prouteau on RCF

Almost three months after the military coup in Myanmar, the situation continues to be dramatic and under high