Fondacio Chile : The Libreta Confia is back

Last year, the Libretas Confia initiative was created with the aim of helping families in need in the sectors of El B

Fondacio Chile : News from Our Volunteers

Cecile Favreau, who worked with the Fondacio Chile and Reciclo team, returned to her native France at the end of Marc

New CoLive 2021 journey on Integral Ecology

Integral ecology is a subject that came out strongly in the 2020 CoLive journey , it is a preoccupation in particular

Togo Celebrating ANGE 's 20th anniversary

Togo: More than 1,500 children reintegrated into their families by ANGE since 2001

François Prouteau : " In May, do as you please"

" En mai, fais ce qu'il te plaît " (In May, do as you please) - "never cast a clout till May is out" says

Chile : IncluyeTé and REV together on Mother's Day

Fondacio Chile: Despite the pandemic, the efforts of the Hortinclusiva Cooperative continue on its path to achieve a

François Prouteau on Delphine Horvilleur's book

During these last weeks of confinement, I spent a lot of time in ZOOM in my office, next to my library.