Fondacio Chile : A grain of sand in Las Canteras

On August 25, a new day of the common pot 'Un Granito de Arena' took place.

Fondacio in Chile COH : Medicinal plants at home

Fondacio in Chile : COH Centro ocupacional hortiterapeutico has cont

Fondacio Chile : "Confia" Every day we trust more

The "Confia" booklet, the proposal of Fondacio in alliance with Fundación emprender and Red America, is advancing at

Fondacio Chile : The common pot experience

Fondacio Chile :  Without a doubt, supporting our neighbors in El Barrero in their common pot initiatives seemed like

A second life for "Pure water Bags" in Togo

In West Africa, so-called "pure water" bags are used on a daily basis for the distribution of drinking water at an af

Fondacio Asia : Shared Journey of Transformation

Inclusiveness, Localization, and Innovation.

OasisbyFondacio : a solidarity project of Fondacio Colombia

OasisbyFondacio is an international solidarity project of Fondacio Colombia and the Emilio Valenzuela College Foundat