Fondacio Chile : Global climate action day

Fondacio Chile : After the successful day of action for the climate, held on March 11, AIEC published a video summary

" Notre Espérance " - A song to celebrate Easter!

" Notre Espérance ", a great choir and a new song in unity for the Easter celebration!

Father Stan Rougier's podcast on ZETEO

Father Stan Rougier illuminates us with his wisdom, his joy and the immense tenderness he receives from God.

Fondacio Chile is saying Farewell to "Don Lorito"

At the age of 93, Father Isidoro de Dios Retamal, better known by everyone in Centro Los Almendros as "Don Lorito", o

Words of Father Stan Rougier about Fondacio

Here is a little text that Father Sta

Day of the Engaged on March 20, 2021

A look back at the day of the Engaged 2021!

Conference : Challenges & objectives of Fondacio

Conference with François Prouteau, president of Fondacio and Michael Smith, Wednesday, March 17, 6pm french time