Testimony of Marie Kanla: an IFF Europe alumni !

Marie Kanla now lives in Africa, in Burkina Faso. But sixteen years ago, she was a student of the D.U.

KICKSTART 2021 : Making 2021 an Awesome Year

Kickstart : 2020 was a giant hurdle for everyone due to the pandemic.

Praying for Myanmar !

Praying Together For Myanmar !

What is happening in Myanmar? François Prouteau on RCF

Almost three months after the military coup in Myanmar, the situation continues to be dramatic and under high

The people against the army - Youn Sone Myanmar

The team in Myanmar /Burma is trying to resist with courage and volunteers on the spot and in France are acti

Ecofooting: Committed to clean up the city

Ecofooting : In Cotonou (Benin), young Catholics and Protestants were collecting plastic waste, 

Facing crises in communities & organizations

Current events can seem gloomy, even discouraging, if we only see crises in which everything disappears, whereas in t