Guinea: combining pastoral challenges & Artemisia

While the idea of mixing the leaders of the three major regions where Fondacio is in full swing in Guinea seemed to b

Fondacio Chile : We Continue helping Our Neighbors

Fondacio Chile : The common pot 'Ayudando a Nuestros Vecinos' delivers food, joy and encouragement to many families i

Reciclo : Educational Garden Centre

Reciclo de Fondacio, held a volunteer day this month on the foundation's grounds, in order to prepare for the upcomin

Fondacio Chile : 4 months, 100 families

This month was the last delivery of the food boxes of

Healing Creation by rediscovering contemplation

In front of a few hundred faithful gathered in the courtyard of Saint Damascus for the weekly general audience, Pope

Celebrating Ten years of Oasis By Fondacio !

"Throw myself into the abyss trusting that God will be there to receive me" a phrase that marked our commitm

Fondacio Chile : We keep trusting thanks to ConFIA

"At a firm pace and giving more relief to families in El Barrero", that is the assessment of the team respon