The meetings of the Fondacio Engaged, highlights of 2021

Regional gatherings, for people engaged in Fondacio, on the theme of Fratelli tutti

In a time of unexpected encounters

A time of unexpected encounters  !

Fondacio Burkina Faso Couple & Family Program

Fondacio in Burkina Faso is deployed in three (03) dioceses (Fada N'gourma, Koudougou and Ouagadougou) and in four (0

The impact of the coup d'etat on the Generation Z

While the situation was expected to normalize on February 1st with the long-awaited end of the confinement, the coup

The "Z generation" standing up to counter the coup in Myanmar

Myanmar : The Burmese military coup of February 1 brutally interrupted the democratization process.

The ecological transition at L'Ermitage

Since last June, I have been working part-time at L'Ermitage, Fondaci

Walking with the poet as a world inhabitant

In difficult times, it is good to have companions, like a poet for example, on the road to help you get through the t