The cries of the Amazon

We're celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Encyclical Laudato Si'.

Young Lives Laos’ Send-Off Mass

Another school year has ended.


We were nearly 200 people from 23 countries following the CoLive Journey ""From Easter to Pentecost, let's connect ou

CHARIS, a service created a year ago by Pope Francis

A year ago, on the initiative of Pope Francis, CHARIS, the International Service of Catholic Charismatic Renewal was

"Allô Padre": A solution to encourage young people to manage well the response to Covid-19 

Fondacio and the diocesan youth pastoral of Cotonou have created a new digital platform to respond to the many co

News from the Philippines

Interview of Rod Babiera Jr. from the Philippines 

Could you tell us more about you?

The CoLive Journey : From Easter to Pentecost, let's connect our energies to be active leaven of hope for the world ».

The global pandemic linked to Covid 19 has brought the planet to a stands