Christmas shopping : Where sould we buy gifts?

With Christmas approaching, should we only buy gifts made in France?

The Social Centre of L'Ermitage Accueil 

Since 1999, Fondacio has been based at the Ermitage Centre to promote spirituality, but above all to provide training

Jerusalema : The musical phenomenon of the moment

Jerusalema : Is-it only a musical phenomenon or also a good virus' fight against the prevailing gloom

COH Workshop : a new look

This month, a two-session mini-workshop was held at the Hortitherapeutic Occupational Centre (COH) for ten people fro

Chile : Closing of the common pot

After months of hard work, the last week of October saw the end of the service of the common pot of the El Bosque 2 N

Chile : Saying goodbye to our volunteers

As usual these days, it has been the turn of a group of French volunteers who are finishing their periods of work in

Chile : The Online Mailbox is waiting for you

What has your experience been like at Fondacio Chile , what do you appreciate about what you have experienced so far?