Challenge of the Pandemic with UHMD

For the family of Elena, José and their five children, the last rain at the beginning of February was very different

Last assembly of Leaders in Chile

On Wednesday 27 January, Fondacio Chile closed its community year with a final meeting of its Extended Assembly of Le

Hot topics on democracy and social networks

The news of recent weeks has highlighted the fragility of democracies.

Courage, resilience and solidarity !

Courage, resilience, solidarity....

Re-traiter Ma Vie : A very complex year !

The year is complex for the "" Re-Traiter Ma Vie" courses due to the coronavirus crisis !

Ange: Dieudonné at the World Fencing Championship 

🚩 Dieudonné, a young beneficiary of Ange participates in the World Fencing Championship! 

Roger : Lockdown at Mon Refuge in Togo

Here are a few lines about the experience of lockdown at Mon Refuge