Fondacio Congress. Our actions in Latin America

Fondacio began working in Latin America in the early 1980s, first in Chile and then in Colombia. Our movement builds "bridges" between the majority of the population who lives in extreme poverty and the minority who receives all the wealth. School support, construction of decent housing and promotion of reading are among the projects carried out by Fondacio in Latin America.
Fondacio: serving humanity & helping to safeguard our common home

At Fondacio, our vocation is to help each person dare to move forward with others on a path of Life to build a more h

Los Almendros : giving a new home to trees

11 trees that were in danger of being cut down due to the expansion of the new El Salto Norte Avenue, were finally re

Ecology : "committing ourselves to mankind and Earth."

Integral Ecology in debate: "committing ourselves to mankind and to the Earth."

The new CoLive 2021 Journey has started

The new CoLive Journey was launched on Saturday 5 June!

Ecofooting: Committed to clean up the city

Ecofooting : In Cotonou (Benin), young Catholics and Protestants were collecting plastic waste, 

Fondacio Chile : Global climate action day

Fondacio Chile : After the successful day of action for the climate, held on March 11, AIEC published a video summary