IFF Africa : Inauguration of the girls' dormitory

We cannot talk about agricultural entrepreneurship without mentioning IFF Africa (Institute of Formation Fondacio Afr

The Social Centre of L'Ermitage Accueil 

Since 1999, Fondacio has been based at the Ermitage Centre to promote spirituality, but above all to provide training

Artemisia : Meeting with Jean-Valentin Haba

Conakry, Guinea: The plant artemisia annua has been the subject of much attention since this Asian native plant was i

Anjou Vert: Permaculture with the nuns

For the first four months I chose to live full time according to chapter 6 (education and ecological spirituality

L'Ermitage's first film-sharing evening!

A first film-sharing evening at l'Ermitage, bringing together about fifteen people around the documentary "In sea

Fasting for Climate with Fondacio Togo

Fasting for Climate : Almost two years ago, the Fond

Gratiferia at L'Ermitage, a day of sharing!

On Sunday 27th September, the first Gratiferia at L'Ermitage in the Notre-Dame de Versailles district took place.