The ecological transition at L'Ermitage

Since last June, I have been working part-time at L'Ermitage, Fondaci

"Laudato Si" in African highschools!

Laudato Si ' : Much more than a simple surface anxiety but a real awareness of the high school students. 

Environment : Taking care of our heritage !

David: Tomorrow Tuesday is being broadcasted on M6, Yann Arthus-Bertrand's new film, Legacy, notre héritage. 

Elemen'Terre: How we are wasting the world.

Elemen'Terre : There, I've sunk again ... So I'm a multi-recidivist in dumpster diving.

Climate : Anjou Vert: Julie, citizen of Love.

Julie is one of the 150 citizens randomly selected to participate in the Citizen Convention for the Climate.

Sichem-Sime : a 100% local market

"What gives a special cachet to the SICHEM market is the quality of the products on offer. ", Dzamah Antoine

EcoTips by Reciclo : use of water at home

😷🧼 During this period of mandatory lockdown, we must constantly wash our hands to prevent the spread of the coronavir