First training course on the agroecological production of Artemisia

A first in Togo : The first training course on the agroecological production of artemisia in Dapaong, the capital of

Reciclo : Educational Garden Centre

Reciclo de Fondacio, held a volunteer day this month on the foundation's grounds, in order to prepare for the upcomin

Healing Creation by rediscovering contemplation

In front of a few hundred faithful gathered in the courtyard of Saint Damascus for the weekly general audience, Pope

European Sustainable Development Week 2020

The ESDW is a European-wide initiative to stimulate and make visible activities, projects and events that promote sus

[ E c o T i p s ] by Reciclo de Fondacio

📣 Cinema is a fabulous art form that allows one's voice to be heard, to try to change mentalities or denounce certain

Ecojogging and Masks in the streets in Togo

Born in Lomé in January 2017, ecojogging is a worldwide eco-citizen movement that consists of running while collectin

Ecology : Keeping life alive

Many initiatives combine their impulses towards ecology, the fight against global warming and the fight to safeguard