Testimony of Eve : an IFF Europe student

A year within the D.U OPEN 2019-2020

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"To show young people that it is possible, on their own scale, to live and bring the values of a world that i

Meeting with Felix Dzamah

François Prouteau: Hello Felix! Welcome to Angers. Can you tell us about your background?

François Prouteau's last "Carte Blanche"

Ten months ago, almost to the day, a season of carte blanche with the French Christian Radio (RCF) began, at the same

Saying goodbye to Suzanne and Baptiste : our Civic Services !

Every year Fondacio France welcomes civic services that give a year of their life at the service of Fondacio!

Do we have to choose between reducing poverty and being eco-friendly?

YounSone by Fondacio, a young social enterprise created in Myanmar by Julia N

CapsulIFF by IFF America