Interview of Angela : A Young Lives' alumnus

Young Lives (formerly known as YLDC) is an initiative of Fondacio in Asia.

Stories of Hope : ASIA YLDC in Myanmar

The Youth Livelihood & Development Center (YLDC) is an education project for the young and marginalized.

News from Fondacio Asia : Young Lives is here.

Today, we are launching our new logo and name, as we move towards new horizons in our mission.

IFF Europe : A program for university dropouts

The Tremplin course proposed by IFF Europe in Angers, allows dropouts or disoriented bachelors to get to know each ot

Cultivating mushrooms in Green Pastures

Cultivating mushrooms– making a stand against poverty in one of the poorest villages in Myanmar

NATHANAËL WALLENHORST : Teaching face to the Anthropocene

Nathanaël Wallenhorst  explain to us how he would reform teaching at the time of the Anthropocene.

Artemisia to eradicate malaria

Malaria kills more than five hundred thousand people annually. 70% of them are children.