IFF Europe : 130 students in ANGERS (France)

The court of IFF Europe in Angers, in September.

OASIS : new agreement with Universidad Javierana de Bogota

Signature of a new agreement in the presence of Dean of the Faculty of Theology and ViceRector of the Universidad Jav

Fondacio in Chile is committedwith SENADIS to the professional integration of people with disabilities


A green education project in an outlying village

IFF America is celebrating its first year!

The meeting of the Board of Directors of IFF America was held on January 21st in Santiago de Chile, on the internet w

The Journey of Mission Project 2019

This video is about the Mission Project 2019, planned and led by our current batch of students of the Institute.

"Full speed ahead!" in Jesus Carpintero Chile

The new Sewing Workshop "Ropa Reciclada" (Recycled Clothes) makes an incursion in the modification of clothes.