Testimony of Romain : a student of IFF Europe

Romain, one of our students from the D.U (bac + 3) Humanitarian Project Management (CPH) spent a month and a half in

Full speed ahead for the workshops of the cohort

Centro Ocupacional Hortiterapéutico has organized seven weekly remote workshops, with three new groups, which started

Helping the children of Hountigomé (Lomé-Togo) benefit from quality education!

In the Hountigomé district of Lomé, many children come to do their homework at the Fondacio-Togo community house to t

News from Father Bosco's mission in India with Dhiya

Presented by François Prouteau

Young Lives Laos’ Send-Off Mass

Another school year has ended.

Recollection of Young Lives Laos Students

Harvesting the Fruits

Could Artemisia be a treatment for Covid 19?

With the Covid-19 crisis, the last few weeks have made Artemisia a little better known worldwide.