Fondacio Chile : A grain of sand in Las Canteras

On August 25, a new day of the common pot 'Un Granito de Arena' took place.

Fondacio in Chile COH : Medicinal plants at home

Fondacio in Chile : COH Centro ocupacional hortiterapeutico has cont

Fondacio Chile : "Confia" Every day we trust more

The "Confia" booklet, the proposal of Fondacio in alliance with Fundación emprender and Red America, is advancing at

Fondacio Chile : The common pot experience

Fondacio Chile :  Without a doubt, supporting our neighbors in El Barrero in their common pot initiatives seemed like

OasisbyFondacio : a solidarity project of Fondacio Colombia

OasisbyFondacio is an international solidarity project of Fondacio Colombia and the Emilio Valenzuela College Foundat

Fighting adult illiteracy with AsFoToDe

Fighting adult illiteracy with Asfotode

News from Fondacio in Chile

As of this month of July, Fondacio has begun to work with the "Confia" booklet, a solidarity system that links the fa