Full speed ahead for the workshops of the cohort

Centro Ocupacional Hortiterapéutico has organized seven weekly remote workshops, with three new groups, which started

Helping the children of Hountigomé (Lomé-Togo) benefit from quality education!

In the Hountigomé district of Lomé, many children come to do their homework at the Fondacio-Togo community house to t

News from Father Bosco's mission in India with Dhiya

Presented by François Prouteau

Young Lives Laos’ Send-Off Mass

Another school year has ended.

Recollection of Young Lives Laos Students

Harvesting the Fruits

Could Artemisia be a treatment for Covid 19?

With the Covid-19 crisis, the last few weeks have made Artemisia a little better known worldwide.

Assisi 2020 at Fondacio in Chile

Pope Francis has called on young people all over the world to work towards a global economy that reflects the changin