COH Workshop : a new look

This month, a two-session mini-workshop was held at the Hortitherapeutic Occupational Centre (COH) for ten people fro

Chile : Closing of the common pot

After months of hard work, the last week of October saw the end of the service of the common pot of the El Bosque 2 N

The common pots in El Barrero continues

Since the communes began to be deconfined, only one of the  common pots has been closed in the sector of El Barrero,

Interview of Jason Chan

Meeting Jason Chan communication officer for Fondacio Asia 

Graines en Vie by IFF Europe

The approach of the school (Institut de Formation Fondacio Europ

Fondacio Chile : We Continue helping Our Neighbors

Fondacio Chile : The common pot 'Ayudando a Nuestros Vecinos' delivers food, joy and encouragement to many families i

Fondacio Chile : 4 months, 100 families

This month was the last delivery of the food boxes of