Celebrating Ten years of Oasis By Fondacio !

"Throw myself into the abyss trusting that God will be there to receive me" a phrase that marked our commitm

Fondacio Chile : We keep trusting thanks to ConFIA

"At a firm pace and giving more relief to families in El Barrero", that is the assessment of the team respon

Fondacio Chile : COH at the Telethon

Since August of this year, the Centro Ocupacional Hortiterapéutico (COH) of  Fondacio Chile, is part of the Teletón C

Discovering L'Ermitage in Versailles France

L'Ermitage : Since 1999, Fondacio has been based here, to promote spirituality but above all formation, resourcefulne

Fondacio Chile : A grain of sand in Las Canteras

On August 25, a new day of the common pot 'Un Granito de Arena' took place.

Fondacio in Chile COH : Medicinal plants at home

Fondacio in Chile : COH Centro ocupacional hortiterapeutico has cont

Fondacio Chile : "Confia" Every day we trust more

The "Confia" booklet, the proposal of Fondacio in alliance with Fundación emprender and Red America, is advancing at