The handwritten Bible or "Bible of the confined".

In mid-May, the Alliance biblique française launched the collective production of a handwritten Bible or "Bible of th

Jerusalema : The musical phenomenon of the moment

Jerusalema : Is-it only a musical phenomenon or also a good virus' fight against the prevailing gloom

A missionary lockdown with WEMPS in Anjou !

Following my last carte blanche on the encyclical All Brothers where I evoked a meditation on the parable of the Good

The Emmaus Pilgrims' workshop ended

On October 9th the Emmaus Pilgrims' Workshop, offered by Fondacio's Spirituality and Formation Centre, ended.

The Economy of Pope Francis will be online

Due to the sanitary emergency of Covid-19, the organizing committee of the meeting "The Economy of Pope Francis", to

Pandemic : Word-Writing of Hope for curfews

The pandemic has slowed down or even stopped some sectors of cultural life.

Pope signs Rome 2020 Appeal for Peace

Pope Francis and religious leaders of the major world religions gathered in Rome on Tuesday 20 October for an interna