IFF Europe : the relief of the end of the year

A few words from Agnès Teynié, Director of IFF Europe, to review the last few months the year 2020 and to welcome the

Learnings from 2020 with Fondacio Asia

Despite the challenges we faced this year, it is still a blessing. Here are some sharing from our members from Fondac

Emotional Intelligence Workshop in Fondacio Asia

From October 6 to November 24, 2020, Fondacio Asia had an 8-week workshop about Emotional Intelligence as part of its

Young Lives Yangon’s English & Computer Class

From October 15 to December 11, English and Computer classes were conducted online by our French volunteer, Ms.

Sichem : Supporting the education of pupils

Supporting the education of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds in Sichem (South Togo) during the health cr

IFF Africa : Inauguration of the girls' dormitory

We cannot talk about agricultural entrepreneurship without mentioning IFF Africa (Institute of Formation Fondacio Afr

Jerusalema : The musical phenomenon of the moment

Jerusalema : Is-it only a musical phenomenon or also a good virus' fight against the prevailing gloom