Marion Agache, former student of IFF Europe

A former Red Cross employee, Marion Agache has travelled the world to help the disadvantaged.

IFF Europe : How do our students cope ?

Agnès Teynié - IFF Europe : For months now there has been a growing revolt within me against what the students are go

Ange: Dieudonné at the World Fencing Championship 

🚩 Dieudonné, a young beneficiary of Ange participates in the World Fencing Championship! 

Roger : Lockdown at Mon Refuge in Togo

Here are a few lines about the experience of lockdown at Mon Refuge

Tremplin 2020: They've bounced back

Like all of us, the young people of the Tremplin 2020 programme have been affected and turned upside down by the heal

"Laudato Si" in African highschools!

Laudato Si ' : Much more than a simple surface anxiety but a real awareness of the high school students. 

Young lives ’ Promotion in Pakse in Laos !

Young lives : From  August 19th to August 24th 2020, for 6 days and 6 nights our team went further south of Pakse.