Fasting for Climate with Fondacio Togo

Fasting for Climate : Almost two years ago, the Fond

Graines en Vie by IFF Europe

The approach of the school (Institut de Formation Fondacio Europ

First training course on the agroecological production of Artemisia

A first in Togo : The first training course on the agroecological production of artemisia in Dapaong, the capital of

Iff Europe: Overcoming fears and meeting people

One week after the official start of the academic year, the two classes of the D.U OPEN of IFF Europe followed a spec

Covid : Educational challenges

Almost everywhere, school and university activities are starting up again. We've come a long way.

IFF Africa "a talent developer" for a more Humane and Just World

Placed under the theme of "Vocational training of young people, particularly girls in agricultural entrepreneursh

Back-to-school time, in times of transformation !

To speak of transformation on this first day of school for millions of students is first of all to underline