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Fondacio and Young People

Fondacio helps young people to encounter the challenges of the world in a new way, to be ready and to live fulfilling lives. We believe that in every young person there is a unique potential for good and for growth.

Fondacio is committed to support the youth in their journey to find meaning in life and their place in society. From a faith perspective, it is to discover God’s plan in their lives.

With the help of skilled mentors and companion, in collaboration with other young people and thanks to a rich pedagogy, this “school of life” enables them to :

  • Better know oneself in order to gain self-confidence
  • make the most of one’s capabilities.
  • Learn to name and deal with difficulties.
  • Dare take risks and responsibilities.
  • Learn to lead while respecting others
  • Discover the joy of helping and being helped
  • Open up to our spiritual dimension in full respect of our different beliefs
  • Engage in dialogue and fraternal relations for the common good1


Building Young Leaders for a Changing World

In responding to the cry of creation and the poor, we encourage and form young people who will become Actors of Change who commit to empower others particularly the marginalized in building a sustainable future for all (Fondacio Asia Ideal Graduate)

The active engagement of youth in sustainable development efforts is central to achieving sustainable, inclusive and stable societies, and to averting the worst threats and challenges to sustainable development, including the impacts of climate change, unemployment, poverty, gender inequality, conflict, and migration” (Youth and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development)

“Come and See”

In extending his invitation for the youth to become involved in renewing both the Church and Society, Pope Francis said,

“I would also remind you of the words that Jesus once said to the disciples who asked him, ‘Teacher…where do you live?’ He replied, ‘Come and see’ (Jn 1:38).”

He continues, “Jesus looks at you and invites you to go to him. Dear young people, have you noticed this look towards you? Have you heard of this voice? Have you felt this urge to undertake this journey? I am sure that despite the noise and confusion seemingly prevalent in the world, this call continues to resonate in the depths of your heart so as to open it in its fullness.”

Then he invites them to “undertake” a journey of discernment to discover God’s plan in their lives.

 Letter Of His Holiness Pope Francis To Young People On The Occasion Of The Presentation Of The Preparatory Document Of The 15th Ordinary General Assembly Of The Synod Of Bishops,13 Jan 2017

Examples of proposals and actions for youth

The World of Youth

Some statistics for consideration...

Young Population

42% of the global population – Four in 10 people – are aged under 25. 16% of the global population or 1.6 billion young people are 15 to 24 years old.


In 2016, 263 million children were out of school, according to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS). Many of those children are out of school because of conflict. According to the UNHCR, over half of the world’s refugees are children.

Digital World

Across the world, young people aged between 18 and 36 use the internet more than older generations. Access to the internet is a critical factor in lifting populations out of poverty and ensuring economic growth and prosperity.

Young people’s increased use of the internet is good news, because in the future work will depend heavily on technology.

Almost two thirds (65%) of children entering primary schools today will end up in a job that doesn’t yet exist. Technology will be at the heart of most of tomorrow’s jobs, and computing and advanced technological skills, such as knowledge of artificial intelligence, will be highly sought after.

Far from being fearful of an uncertain future, the majority of young people are optimistic about the impact of technology and innovation. According to the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Survey, 78.6% think technology is “creating” as opposed to “destroying” (21.4%) jobs.

In addition, they are keen to be part of the new world of work. They think that having a “start-up ecosystem” and “entrepreneurship” are the keys to giving young people a future.

Climate Change

In a 2017 survey, young people are of the opinion that climate change and destruction of nature as the most serious global issue and 90% believe that humans are responsible for this.

source : https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2018/08/what-you-need-to-know-about-the-worlds-young-people-in-7-charts/

Young people think climate change and destruction of nature is the most critical issue.

Over  90% of young people agree or strongly agree that human are responsible for climate change.


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