Fidesco is a Catholic non-governmental organization for volunteering to development projects in countries in the global south, founded in 1981 by the Emmanuel Community, following a meeting in the Vatican City with African bishops.

Volunteers who leave with Fidesco are singles, couples or families, young people, adults or retired, wishing in the name of their faith to work for the marginalized: this explains the name of FIDES - CO : faith and co-operation. They aim put their professional skills at the service of development projects, to help local populations or humanitarian actions.

They put themselves at the service of partners of the local Catholic Church, in answer to a need and a request. These partners already work for the good of disadvantaged populations, regardless of religion, ethnicity or culture, in very diverse fields: education, teaching, management, construction, health… and in varied establishments: dispensaries, refugee camps, centers for street children, agricultural schools…