Intercordia participates in spreading a culture of peace by training young people who commit themselves for a year to a mission of international solidarity with underprivileged populations and different cultures, and by enhancing their experience with a university degree.

Intercordia gives young people, before their departure, an intensive fortnight's training in disciplines and tools adapted to the complex, paradoxical and often conflictual intercultural situations they will encounter once in the field. One of the volunteer tutors from the Intercordia network, with whom they correspond throughout their period of volunteering, internship or mission, helps them to take the necessary distance from the new situations they face (revolts, disgust, enthusiasm, misunderstandings, etc.) and to transform themselves through the experience of "living with" people who are different in their culture and social condition.Intercordia enables them, on their return, to deepen their intellectual experience by writing and defending a dissertation on a problem they have encountered.