The people against the army - Youn Sone Myanmar

The team in Myanmar /Burma is trying to resist with courage and volunteers on the spot and in France are actively supporting them. An update on the current situation. 

The street against the army: The pot of earth against the pot of iron 


Already 737 deaths and 3000 arrests 

One wonders where the Burmese resistance fighters still find this astonishing energy which animates them each day! For not only do the daily demonstrations continue, but they now take place day and night.

However the atrocities of the junta continue. The military seem determined to intensify their ruthless policy of violence against the population, using military-style weapons indiscriminately (massacre of at least 82 civilians in Bago from Friday to Saturday, April 10).

While in the territories of the minorities, coups de force supported by ethnic armies are increasingly envisaged, everywhere else it is still non-violent resistance that prevails.

By ethics, but also by realism, a "military" victory against the 500,000 over-equipped men of the Tatmadaw (the Burmese army) seems terribly suicidal. Nevertheless, the spiral of violence seems to be set in motion for a generalized civil war...

A young resistance fighter declared: "How can we compete with their weapons?  By fighting with our intelligence". 


The people on their knees, the economy is suffocating

According to the World Bank, two and a half months after the junta took over the country, Myanmar is on the verge of economic collapse. The price of rice - a staple food for the Burmese - is rising steadily in major cities like Rangoon and Mandalay. Most businesses are at a standstill, either because their staff are on strike or because they have run out of supplies. Railroad, energy, health and education workers also have no income and are, for the most part, out of work, and are, for the most part, at the end of their meagre savings.
Thousands of women and men - most of them from the most disadvantaged strata of rural areas - have returned to the countryside with empty pockets, now without jobs or income. 

Alone in the world, a mobilization and a mutual aid are engaged
Responses from all democratic countries are unanimous and there is widespread indignation, but few truly coercive actions are taken. Nothing seems to be on the horizon given the geopolitical complexity.

To counter the despair and the growing precariousness whose end is unpredictable, the resistance movement is organizing, on a large scale and in many cities and rural areas, a very important network of mutual aid. Two or three times a week, a solidarity market is held in a place of the city or the village, where everyone can come and get free supplies while others bring what they have and what they can do without.

In some neighborhoods of Myanmar, small carts and tricycles filled with food have been built and circulate every day in the streets and alleys.

Young people push them, shouting: "If you need, take! If you can, give!"  


How can we help?

We help them develop their business, so that it becomes sustainable. As sales of their products are almost impossible in Myanmar, we have undertaken to accelerate sales in France.

In a few days, we will show you the new spring/summer 2021 collection. A collection that is particularly dear to our hearts, always as colorful and joyful. This season, our collection will carry even stronger messages of freedom, hope, love and solidarity.

In the meantime, we can carry them in our thoughts and prayers. 

We can also show our support by making a tax-deductible donation (with the possibility of receiving a YounSone item in return). 


For more information or details on donations, you can contact Yvonne Altorfer at the following e-mail address


MoeMoe, Maran, Cecilia and Julia remain determined and courageous. They have returned to work despite the uncertainties and fear. Their goal is to continue to earn a living and stay safe.
Like many expatriates, I was forced to return to France while waiting for the situation to become clearer.

Sophie de La Bouillerie, volunteer for YounSone