Re-traiter Ma Vie : A very complex year !

The year is complex for the "" Re-Traiter Ma Vie" courses due to the coronavirus crisis !

The Biviers course takes place on 23 March, 8 April and 18 May 2021. The Angers course is cancelled and new dates will be proposed for 2021-2022 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
The highlight "Re-traiter Ma Vie" in Besançon has finally been postponed from 30 May to 4 June. This year, the number of participants will be smaller to ensure good hosting conditions.

Re-Traiter Ma Vie

At the beginning of this year, a highlight is to be noted on the intergenerational side with the effective participation of Paule Banvillet of the Seniors Team in the Enlarged Youth Council and the co-animation of a Commission on "how to enlarge the young public in Fondacio".