"Re-treat my life" pathway - Retirement, a stage of life


Each year, the session "Re-treating my life" is offered to people who are about to live, are living or have recently lived the transition to retirement.

A new stage of life is beginning. What meaning should be given to this new stage? How to approach it? A five-day session to better live this passage and find a new impetus to lead a balanced and harmonious life. This session is not a spiritual retreat.

This session, which does not neglect the spiritual dimension of the person, is a journey of reflection and human formation adapted to all: 55...60...65 years old... future retiree, retired or spouse, married, cohabitant, widowed, separated, divorced, single...

I live the transition to retirement or I get ready: what orientation? What is the meaning of the years to come? What new impetus to bring? 
The themes are in touch with our daily life and enlightened by contributions on the human and spiritual levels. 
Re-treating my life aims to accompany everyone in their issues of the moment, in the light of the Gospel: give meaning to the coming years, welcome new place in the world, find a relationship balance, etc.

Objectives: To 

  •  welcome the joys and the difficulties crossed, 
  • look at my future and to open myself to new, 
  • enlighten the meaning of my life today, 
  • re-locate myself in the world and to engage in it,  
  • To open to the possibility of a spiritual experience of inner life.


  • Teachings and testimonies, 
  • Proofreading of experiences, 
  • Human and spiritual contributions: speakers, testimonies, 
  • Personal reflections and sharing in small groups, 
  • Singing, prayer, silence, 
  • Individual accompaniment proposal.

Main themes:

  • Welcome retirement, a new stage of life. 
  • Devote time to measuring retirement issues and making sense of it.
  • Re-read, accept and celebrate my life journey. 
  • Money, time, living spaces ... A new way of life? 

To take care of all my being "Body, Heart, Spirit" ("The body and the health, the relations, the family, the needs, the heart, the spirit"). 
Choose and dare to be a senior in the challenges of the world !

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