Reciclo : Educational Garden Centre

Reciclo de Fondacio, held a volunteer day this month on the foundation's grounds, in order to prepare for the upcoming opening of an Educational Garden Centre.

This initiative will be carried out thanks to an alliance with the Municipality of the commune of Huechuraba and consists of the installation of two shading areas on the land where the Reciclo project's composters are currently located, which will be used as outdoor classrooms for the centre's future training activities.

The project will focus on training the inhabitants of the commune of Huechuraba who have been affected by the health crisis, where they will be offered to cultivate a small plot of land so that they themselves can produce their food in a natural and local way.


What is Reciclo?

Inspired by projects such as "La tricyclerie" in France or "Incredible foodstuffs" in England, the idea was born ​​in 2018.

The project wants to promote the care of the planet thanks to the collection of organic and recyclable waste (Clean Point) and workshops related to the environment. We want to promote community life in the neighborhood in which the level of crime is located and lowered through the construction of community gardens.

Several axes of action:

  • Composting. Recycling of organic matter (composting). Reciclo organizes the biweekly collection of organic waste from each household in tricycles and collects organic waste in different types of composters (vermicompostera, Bokashi ...) built in community.
  • Community gardens. In the medium term, Reciclo wants to use the fertilizer generated by these composters in the realization of community gardens in the squares of the sector. In the long term, it also seeks to promote a healthier diet with the use of vegetables grown in these gardens.
  • Educational workshops. Reciclo teaches the care of the environment through sensitization workshops: separation of garbage, operation of compost, realization of orchards, principles of permaculture, manufacturing of "zero waste" products, etc.
  • Clean Point. In the near future, Reciclo wants to build a clean point in the neighborhood to make it easier for residents to separate all their recyclable waste (PET, cardboard / paper, glass, cans, Tetra Pack). That will reduce waste and increase recycling.

Here are some pictures of the volunteer work:

reciclo volunteer day

reciclo volunteer day