Saint Valentin Autrement: Another way to celebrate St Valentine's Day

A "heart to heart" evening to take care of your couple!

On February 14th, our society celebrates love and the couple. It is the occasion to propose an evening to celebrate love within the couple.
A gift or a restaurant? It's a sweet alternative.
But, is there another way to celebrate Valentine's Day?

Fondacio is at the side of couples who want to celebrate their commitment and offer each other a moment together as lovers in a different way! Several evenings are offered in France on Friday 14 or Saturday 15 February 2020.

Fondacio, together with other Christian movements at the service of couples and families, is taking action. It wishes to share its hope and know-how, to initiate and encourage a dynamic, for all couples who wish to celebrate and revisit their commitment and love. Its wish is to show a loving face of a decompartmentalized, united, welcoming church and a force of proposal to accompany and take care of couples.

The proposal,

- Participate in a heart-to-heart party.
to get away from the hectic, routine daily routine,
to settle down, talk about you, me, us, the couple,
to enjoy a space to talk about yesterday, today and tomorrow,
to share in depth, with kindness and truth, his life together, or

- Organize a turnkey party, accessible to all
designed to be simple to set up. Thus, each parish, community, movement, diocese can create, organize, in its own way, a "Valentine's Day Otherwise" evening with the help of a turnkey tool kit.
To do so, contact the Valentine's Day Otherwise team of Fondacio by writing an email to

Saint Valentin Autrement with Fondacio in France:
- Nantes, February 14, 2020 - evening at the hall under the Protestant Temple
- Grenoble (38), 14 February 2020 
- Angers (49), February 15, 2020, Esvière site in Angers 
- Wambrechies (59), 15 February 2020, Wambrechies Parish 
- Sainghin en Mélantois (59), February 15, 2020

- and in Segré (49) on March 15, 2020 !

In other countries like the United Kingdom are also organizing events to celebrate St Valentine's Day !


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