Saying goodbye to Suzanne and Baptiste : our Civic Services !

Every year Fondacio France welcomes civic services that give a year of their life at the service of Fondacio! And each year, having to say goodbye to them is a beautiful moment, full of hope, memories but also a little sad for each person who has had a good time at their side! 


From September to June, 10 months at the service of Fondacio.

I was enthusiastic about having the time to bring my contribution to Fondacio, and now that my civic service is coming to an end, I am happy to have this experience with you!

I already knew Fondacio well before coming, so I was expecting the warm atmosphere, the quality of the relationships and the momentum I felt throughout this year.

What I appreciated the most was the quality of listening and attention to others, which is specific to Fondacio.

The openness in the discussions, your diversity of points of view, diversity of character, all in an environment that inspires confidence in the intelligence of the group, all this creates a climate that pushes me to open up, to grow for myself and for others.

There would still be a lot to say, but if I had to keep one last thing from this year, it would be the opportunity I had to propose, and try new things, whether it be about ecology, or simply new tools. To sum up, thank you all for a very good year despite the break due to the lockdown, and I hope to continue to be able to put myself at the service of these great projects proposed by Fondacio, even if it will be more occasional!

What can I say...

This experience of civic service has been extraordinary, even life-saving for me.

I arrived as myself, with my faults, my prejudices, and above all my fears. Fear of not being up to the job, fear of not fitting in, fear of losing a year... But thanks to all of you, those fears quickly disappeared.

Each and every one of you smiled at me, trusted me.

I learned that the great difference in age and hierarchy does not prevent friendship,  that a smile can save someone, that youth does not rhyme with incompetence, that doubt and error is possible and does not mean failure, that clothes don't make the man, that benevolence must guide every action, that everyone has something interesting to teach to others regardless of age, gender, origins, that the Lord forgives and will always let us come back, that one is self-sufficient and that everything else is a plus to be cherished as much as possible.

And you're part of that plus.

You, this magnificent site and all the activities I have been able to do there, I have cherished you and I will do it again during these 3 weeks I have left by your side.

Next year will surely be full of surprises and I'm now approaching it with great serenity and joy.

I fully appreciate how lucky I was to meet you and to meet Fondacio at this point in my life. And believe me, I'm not going to leave anytime soon. You will surely see my little head again next year, but as a volunteer this time. I will end this little text with one last, most important word: THANK YOU.

And I wish you all an excellent summer, a good continuation, and generally speaking, all the best.

With all my love, Suzanne.

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