Together to praise the Creator... He is the source of joy.

You make us alive, you gather us together, Lord, here we are. 

Here we are Lord to praise You, to bless You, to make You present to those already with You and always in connection with us, and to those who are absent.

In small groups we lay down our sorrows, our burdens, our joys. 

We are especially happy to welcome A. and Paul, her husband. United, they are going through a long journey of suffering. The testimony of Paul's journey through the illness that affects body, soul and spirit moved and enlivened us. 

At the beginning of the illness that strikes you so hard, you are confronted with a host of questions. Do you want to get well? Cure for whom? Heal for what? 

God is trying to give you life, and he'll meet you there if you want him to. To discover the tenderness of the Lord it is then a matter of moving from intellectual reflection to the heart. 

Love is life, I give life, I give my life to you... (Jn 10:17)... To refuse it is to deny my deepest being. Humility will help me to let Love pass through me, to give it to others. There lies my healing. 

Pray to the Lord, he will give you the strength to continue on the path he has destined for you... My grace is enough for you, it is in weakness that power gives its full measure (2 Cor 12:9).

I give you love, I give you my love, 
What you carry inside you let it out.

Thank you for sharing your inspiring life journey with us. It challenges us, moves us.

Several moving testimonies followed, all of them showing the presence of the Lord, his fidelity, his tenderness, his compassion for those who are suffering. The song wipes away the tears: I would like to live in the house of the Lord. (One thing)

At the end of the morning, we share in small groups what we wish about our emotions and/or our questions following the various testimonies. 

Following the testimonies, we look at ourselves, identify in our life an ordeal we have gone through and answer the question: 
What spiritual path have I travelled? during? after? now? The sharing in small groups is followed by a time of prayer.

I was born to praise you... to glorify your name... I was born to love you...
Praises to the Spirit teaches us to pray and introduces this time of prayer: Whoever looks to You will shine; Do not let darkness invade me; I thirst for You Lord; Magnify the Lord with me; Do not be afraid.

Come on, God sends you...


A small testimony

Sharing in small groups expresses first of all a strong impression of respect and recollection. Each one is attentive to the echo in him or her of the testimonies heard, received at the deepest level...

The witnesses told us about their experiences with a profound serenity, they shared with us their trust in God, in Life, our Source, our Origin.

Each one was marked by their humility, their simplicity in being true, their journey, their acceptance and their closeness to God. 
For each of them, this awakened profound questions, sometimes painful, but what a hope too! Thus Bernadette, who was waiting for medical results that she knew were bad, welcomed these testimonies as a kind of comfort, as another way of looking at the future. 

Several were also marked by the fact that wherever we are (hospital, rehabilitation, home) the Lord asks us to blossom and it is up to us to find out how.

Are we ready to blossom everywhere?
We were also impressed by the graces of forgiveness received by Maria for not holding the medical profession to account for the mistakes made on several occasions. Could we do the same? 

In short, we leave with a lot of questions but also with a sense of wonder: 
How lucky we are to be Christians. 


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