Shower for the blind

Meaning a valuable contribution is the work done by students of the School of Industrial Design at the Universidad Mayor who prepared a report with some solutions for various processes performed by the participants of the various workshops COH.

The working method is particularly significant for both students and participants of COH since it includes interviews of future professionals with people with disability status, which gives a new perspective to the learning process and on the other hand allows expression of their needs participants.

Particular attention deserves a proposal made 3D printing a hand shower especially designed for alerting blind by a beep when the water is falling and facilitates filling through a funnel-like mouth.

The group of students by Professor Natalia Oviedo delivered a final report that includes five solutions that facilitate the implementation of some activities COH participants by improving and redesigning tools used in workshops. The works are as follows:

  1. Bancales design height for people in wheelchairs.
  2. Blind shower with beep water passage.
  3. Working table for six people with hemiplegia.
  4. Drying system and pressing of medicinal plants for people with low mobility in hands.
  5. Packaging device requires the use of only one hand, for people with hemiplegia.

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