Sichem : Supporting the education of pupils

Supporting the education of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds in Sichem (South Togo) during the health crisis

Sichem's education team helps improve education in 35 villages 

For the past 10 years, SICHEM, an organisation for sustainable development in rural Togo, has been helping to improve education in this region near Lomé.

We work with 35 villages where the populations, described as "forgotten populations", live in difficult conditions and have very limited access to basic socio-educational infrastructures. We support the pupils and teachers of 100 primary schools, 20 middle schools and 5 high schools.

Our concrete aid reaches 3,000 pupils

Sichem supports these village communities to have a better learning environment for students and teachers through a multiple and comprehensive approach.

We intervene by installing school buildings and equipping classrooms with adapted furniture.


Above all, we are helping to improve the quality of education by facilitating access to documentation and information for the 3000 pupils and teachers via two libraries and a Bookmobile service serving 22 schools in the area.


We run socio-educational activities for more than 1,500 young people to participate in their integral development and citizenship training.


300 young secondary school and high school students from the area are welcomed every week at the canteen of the Djagblé library, and receive healthy food in return for a modest financial contribution as part of the education programme for sustainable food.


Volunteer teachers from 3 local primary schools, recruited by parents to make up for the lack of state teachers in these schools, are financially supported to supplement the parents' efforts so that they can continue to teach the students.

Since January 2020, 13 young people, including 7 girls in difficult situations (orphans or from very low income families), have been supported in the pursuit of their studies and vocational training by setting up a solidarity fund financed by various donations to pay their school and training fees, provide their daily meals and cover their health needs. The Covid-19 crisis has made it difficult to feed this solidarity fund.

The health crisis has had a serious impact on the smooth running of all these actions aimed at helping to improve the quality of education in these disadvantaged areas.
Our team depends for 70% on international subsidies. We finance the rest with solidarity trips in the implementation of project activities. These solidarity trips, organised each year for groups of people (generally Europeans) who wish to discover Togo and immerse themselves in SICHEM's projects, generate income that enables us to support certain project activities. The health crisis has led to a drop in our internal income of 30 to 35%.

In order to ensure the continuity of the actions for the benefit of students and teachers in particular, we have already reduced the salaries of our team of librarians and animators by 25%. In order to continue in 2021, we need help.

The team is made up of 8 people, 3 of whom are women, distributed as follows:

  • 2 librarians
  • 3 facilitators
  • 2 catering staff
  • 1 project manager who ensures coordination

What will the money collected be used for?

To continue in 2021, we need €3,750. 
This will be used to pay the salaries at 75% for the 8 people in the team during the first quarter. 
We also need equipment - in particular 50 table-benches at 1500 € for the respect of the barrier measures at the Covid-19, in particular the social distancing of the pupils.