The Social Centre of L'Ermitage Accueil 

Since 1999, Fondacio has been based at the Ermitage Centre to promote spirituality, but above all to provide training, resourcefulness and social assistance.  A whole range of proposals to commit oneself, to set out on a journey, in the footsteps of the integral ecology advocated by "Laudato Si", Pope Francis' encyclical. 


"No situation of confinement, whatever it may be, can be impervious to the delicacy of love and the strength of Hope." Gilles Rebêche

Welcoming others
To meet people with their stories, their wounds, their projects, in a free, caring and open-hearted way.

Supporting people
Building self-esteem - Supporting and helping people to integrate into society.

Fraternising with others
Weaving ties for free, living human relations as equals, in truth.

A team of social workers and volunteers accompanies the residents and the life of these structures.

  • C.H.R.S - La Maison Zoé

(Accommodation and Social Reinsertion Centre)
10 single rooms with showers and toilets
4 men, 4 women and 2 adults with children
Dinner shared on weekday evenings with other residents
Social support
Orientations by the S.I.A.O (Integrated Reception and Orientation Service)

  • C.H.U - St Joseph

(Emergency Accommodation Centre)
5 single rooms, showers and toilets on the landing.
3 men, 2 adults with children
Dinner shared on weekday evenings with other residents
Social support
Orientations by the SIAO (Integrated Reception and Orientation Service)


A shared flat that allows you to build a project according to your wishes and your capacity for independence, encouraging you to move out into suitable accommodation.
10 single rooms, showers and toilets on the landing
A place to help each other, support each other and live fraternity on a daily basis.
Social support

There is a centre for accommodation and social reintegration (CHRS), a university hospital for emergency accommodation and shared accommodation.

Around thirty people, including five children, benefit from it today. Twice a week, the Red Cross comes to help migrants with their Kafkaesque administrative procedures.

"One thousand five hundred people have 23, rue de l' Ermitage as their home address for their mail. As they wait for hours, we talk to them, we teach them French, we offer them coffee. Our solidarity dinners are also very successful in the neighbourhood," explains Benoit. "We also work with the Colibris, this movement launched in Versailles by Renaud Anzieu for a more ecological and humane society, on a shared garden, compost. One of our projects is to transform part of our green spaces, the Pré Saint-Joseph, into a vegetable garden so that our people in difficulty can learn a trade, and also learn how to eat healthy, local food".

Fondacio walks in the footsteps of ecology in the "integral" sense, to think globally differently, from the place of nature to social justice, to hear simultaneously "the cry of the earth and that of the poor" and "to safeguard our common home" as the Pope wrote. "We want to live it on the spot, at the Hermitage, to be a source of inspiration for the people who come" hopes Benoit Vignon. To develop its ambitious policy, Fondacio is also making this wonderful place of beauty and serenity and its many rooms available for rent for family or professional meetings, meetings of trustees, points recovery courses! To underline, the restoration is of high quality. Fondacio wants L'Ermitage to become a true "Laudato Si" Center !