Solar energy to transform the lakeside city of SO Zounko

so zounko

Initiated following a presentation at the Congress of Fondacio Philippines in June 2018, the solar electrification project set out on the network of Fondacio in Africa thanks to Armor, the world leader in ribbon thermal transfer and label printing and barcodes. 

The Armor Group presentation revealed to participants its societal technological innovation for produce electrical energy from soft lms silicon-free and environmentally friendly photovoltaics.  Hubert de BOISREDON, responsible for the mission to executives at Fondacio, CEO of Armor Group, entrepreneur humanist and committed, promoted knight of the legion of honor in the "tightened" promotion of 14 July its industrial tool at the service of the energy transition and sustainable development. The ecclesial and communal authorities of Sô-Zounko applaud this nascent project, the fruit of a partnership between the Fondacio movement and the French company "Armor". 

Two meetings of work between the ecclesial authorities of supervision of Sô-Zounko and the leaders of the movement Fondacio on the one hand, between the Assisted District Manager village chiefs, on the other hand, were objective to inform and study the stakes for the installation a photovoltaic electricity project in the villages of Sô-Zounko.

 According to the authorities met, this project is timely appointed at the moment when the development of the lake city in Benin with the Action Program of the Government.   


 Interview with Father Frédéric VIADENOU and solar kit delivery  

 As part of the solar project, a delegation from Fondacio returned to Sô-Zounko to inform and make contact with local authorities. The delegation spoke with the Reverend Father Frederic VIADENOU, Parish Priest of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception of Sô-Tchanhoué, guardian parish of the station Saint Michel de Sô-Zounko where is present a community of young people from Fondacio. After the presentation of the purpose of the visit, the parish priest expressed his joy and his willingness to accompany the project for the development of the locality. He then shares his experience with the delegation in Israel on solar installations and undertakes to prospect around him to gather opinions and specific guidelines related to the lacustrine locality. Already, he advises to guide the project to a central block of installation and distribution of energy at the population. To do this, he proposes four (4) implementation levels  

 1- A power plant, core and heart of the installation  
 2- A relay of energy supply in case of breakdown and  emergency to a zone or center of major interest  
 3- A public relay that covers markets, public places,  schools, churches, etc.  
 4- An individual relay which concerns the small equipment of use  singular in a household or event. 

 He did not fail to maintain the delegation on the need for provide in the project, a maintenance team for the sustainability of the facilities. Referring to the strategic plan for the archdiocese of Cotonou, he promises to promote the process of decalisation of equipment using its own relations and those of the Church of Benin. He added that nothing is impossible if the common interest is targeted first and join forces in prayer. 

 Moreover, he congratulates Fondacio and the dynamism of the young people of the community in Sô-Zounko and promises to take more information for the realization of this commendable initiative for a village in dire need. "A project of this kind can contribute to humanizing the city lacustrine "concluded the parish priest responsible for the Church of Sô-Zounko. 

 R1 Fondacio Benin, as head of the delegation, thank the parish priest for giving him a kit on behalf of Fondacio and the company "Armor" and looks forward to the quality of the maintenance. "We will integrate all the points mentioned in the document project under development ", he stressed. A cocktail of n is given to celebrate the news and close the meeting ..   

 Meeting with the District Chief and the Chiefs villages of Sô-Zounko and handing of sunscreen.  

 After a brief introduction by Enock SEZONLIN, a field leader, former project manager and former student of the Institute of Fondacio Africa, the Head of Fondacio in Benin, Eusebe ZINSOUGA explained to the authorities present, the objectives of an initiative of the Fondacio movement for the locality of Sô-Zounko. Located in the south of Benin in the department of the Atlantic, the city Sô-Zounko lake is administered by seven (7) village chiefs on the sixty-nine (69) villages in the commune of Sô-Ava. 

 This locality of more than twenty thousand (20,000) inhabitants has a 25 km² supercie for the district of Vêkky where is located Sô-Zounko. The commune of Sô-Ava has seven (7) districts and lives mainly fishing, crafts and small trade. Fondacio, a Catholic and ecumenical Christian movement, has been working since 2004 on development projects and Solidarity favoring socio-educational, cultural and for the improvement of the living and working conditions of populations. To answer the cry of hearts of students, schoolchildren, schoolboys, students, artisans and the general population, Fondacio in Benin initiated this information and exchange meeting on the project born.  

 This meeting of exchange left very quickly to the joy of the authorities including District Chief Gabriel Enagnilo DOGUENOU and 7 (Seven) village chiefs and representatives. It comes out that the authorities wanted to see the project start "immediately", as to show their total support for the initiative. they have promised, in the wake of the exchanges, to make an act of donation of a site which will be able to shelter the solar installations of a future central of energy for the villages. The District Manager took, to the great wonder of the delegation, the commitment to work on the cooperation with the Mayor and the Prefect to facilitate the realization of this project in the best interest of the population and villages on the lake. 

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