Stories of Hope : ASIA YLDC in Myanmar

The Youth Livelihood & Development Center (YLDC) is an education project for the young and marginalized.
It seeks to provide them with knowledge, skills and values that will help them become self-confident and integrate them socially and professionally.

YLDC in Myanmar

How was this project built?

Before YLDC in Myanmar ther was the Youth Leadership Program (YLP), which started in Yangon in 2005 with the recognition of Archbishop Charles Maung Bo. YLP was designed to include four aspects : Human, Spiritual, Social and Pastoral.
During those days the country’s political situation did not favour the development of the youth sector. But Fondacio took the initiative and risk for the benefit of the youth.
Year by year, YLP became well-known and the National Catholic Youth Commission (NCYC) started to collaborate in 2008 to provide the formation of youth from other parts of Myanmar. The graduates were very much useful in the local Church and Society and became effective youth leaders, working for Karitas Myanmar (Karuna), and for YLP itself, which started to be led by themselves.
In 2016, after 10 years of providing formation for the youth, and after listening to and seeing the signs of the times, YLP was enhanced and became YLDC – Yangon (Youth Livelihood and Development Centre). 

Restore hope by taking control of one’s life

The purpose of YLDC is not only youth development, but also engaging in society and business. 
It provides modules in :

  • Life Skills,
  • English and Basic IT,
  • Preparation for Job Search and Work Ethics.

It also gives sessions on Christian Living (Community Life), or the essentials for life in the family and in the workplace or business field.

In 2017, YLDC-Myitkyina was launched. Its location is generally in a civil war area, and the center hopes to provide opportunities for the young victims affected by the current situation to learn skills that they could use to improve their lives. YLDC also engages in IGP. It is not just teaching it as a module in the program, but also getting the youth involved in social entrepreneurship, which may later lead to social enterprises for the families in Asia.

Testimonies of hope

"What attracted me to join the YLDC program were Computer and English. I never thought about the talents that I have, but through this program I realized that I have my talents as well, as being loving, helping and open. I learnt about how to overcome feeling depressed or stressed especially in my work. Before I joined this program I did not have any dreams or goals for my future. But thanks to this program I now have my own dreams and have the confidence to achieve them step by step with a clear plan. I was not comfortable being friendly or close with people. But during this program I was happy to be with my friends and started to feel comfortable with the group. I dared to share my ideas and thoughts with others." Kaw Hpang, Post Life Skills Student in YLDC – MKN

« First, what attracted me was to see my goals clearly, to know which way I have to go for my future and to be aware of myself. For me, it was important to learn about community life, managing and being aware of myself and my attitudes. Also, I improved my skills and my knowledge through the self-awareness training. Before attending the YLDC training, I couldn’t make a decision for myself and I didn’t believe in myself and my goals. After this training, I became self-confident and I can see my goal very clearly. » Maria, Green Pastures Intern, YLDC-YGN

« After I finished my Matriculation, I was able to attend the Fondacio YLP, which I heard about from my parish. Through the program I found out that I have passion for the Youth of Myanmar. After I joined the team of YLP as an Intern for 1 year. Then I studied in IFF Asia and discovered « who I am », became aware of my self-understanding and my communication with others improved. I learned how to help and being involved in community development. Now, I am continuing my vision and mission for the young people of Myanmar as a YLDC Program Coordinator. » Rose@Khine Zar Yee, YLDC Program Coordinator

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