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Helping young people build themselves
The camps « Réussir sa vie » are the flagship project of the Youth Mission and for many young people, the first contact with the community. For the past thirty years or so, these summer camps have been feeding young people between the ages of 14 and 18, as well as the adults accompanying them, both humanely and spiritually. It is a privileged time to get to know themselves, others and god better. The project was born from the will to put young people on their feet, to offer them a space to face their challenges and the meaning they seek for their lives.

Building at every age
The Youth Mission projects in France are aimed at young people aged 12 to 30. We seek to help each young person to build himself, and to become a sound adult who is willing to engage in society. Our options are varied, structured by age group: sessions, highlights, annual courses, local or national...

Our mission: to support them in their awakening

On each of our projects we want to: 
-    WELCOME each youth where they are 
-    AWAKE to the spiritual dimension of one's own existence 
-    ACCOMPANY everyone in their growth by giving them the tools they need to take control of their lives 
We offer activities that promote a personal journey that takes into account several dimen-sions: speech, song and music, fun, sport and creativity. 

We implement our pedagogy: "YOUTH FOR YOUTH". It is the young people themselves who animate the different moments. Adults are there to accompany and support them.

Testimonies of hope

« I was like a match burning without a flame. This camp opened me up to believe that a life that makes sense is possible ». Camille, 18 years old.

« Within the support team, I appreciate being close to the young people, being able to listen to them, dialogue with them, let myself be moved by their spontaneous questions or reactions. I am surprised and amazed at their creativity, their ability to follow our proposals and to question themselves. I am witnessing the radical transformation of some in just a few days. It is for me a privileged place of conversion that makes me progress in my spiritual life. » Bernard, adult in the service team.

A pedagogy that has proved its worth

The pedagogy of the « Réussir Sa Vie » camps is based on five educational intentions:
1.    Promote the personal development of adolescents: recognize their qualities and name them ; discover their limits and progress in self-confidence.
2.    Openness to others : developing a taste for encounters; speaking in public without fearing the others’ perception; listening to others without judgment.
3.    To contribute to the empowerment of the young person by accompanying him in the childhood-adolescence stage: to become aware of his role in the well-being and success of the camp.
4.    To open the adolescent to the question of the spiritual life: that each one can express himself personally on this question.
5.    Dare to overcome their fears and assume their responsabilities  learn to know themselves better; dare to leave their comfort zone.

Every summer, 4 week-long camps are organised in Mourtis, a small ski resort in the Pyrenees. Nearly 600 young people are involved, and around 150 adults volunteers.

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