Stories of Hope :TOGO - Success + Project

Understanding the attention needs of children

The Success + project follows an observation by some members of the Fondacio community house in 2007 about the needs of adolescents and young people in the Houtigomé district of Lomé, followed by a field study that confirmed the demand.
Thus, it emerged from the study that there is a great need for school support, entertainment for young people in the neighborhood especially for those from poor families.
Reviving confidence by recreating the social bond

Fondacio Togo is engaged in the challenges of society, in a spirit of friendship with the world and deep love. The community proposes and animates groups of prayer, exchange of meeting and reflection and projects of social economic and educational development adapted to the needs of the country.
Fondacio in Togo focuses mainly on training in Christian life and the development of personality. It aims to let the Spirit of God transform beings, inspire their actions and enlighten their intelligence.
Founded on the experience and the listening, the pedagogy of Fondacio in Togo addresses the person in his integrity: body and spirit, heart and reason, family and professional life.
Responding to challenges with concrete and adapted solutions

The Success + project aims to create a space for adolescents and young people in the Houtigomé neighborhood to support them in their schooling and to fight against wandering and juvenile delinquency because many children were left alone when they left school. course. The objectives of the project are:

  • Setting up tutoring for primary school children as well as for young people in middle school or high school.
  • Setting up an organized library accessible to young people and children.
  • Introducing discussion debates on themes.

Towards more and more success!

Success + per year is more than 250 beneficiaries, more than 50 children, and:

  • A library of over 5000 books with reading spaces
  • Socio-educational activities with well-defined objectives
  • Support classes every night
  • Public speaking competitions organized

Testimonials of hope
"Thanks to the Success + project today I am one of the best students in my class because during tutoring the Educator of Success + takes the time and explains more things to us. Big kisses to Fondacio in Togo and strong success +.Elisabeth, beneficiary.
"From a disadvantaged background, Success + gave me the opportunity to work for the development of local children. This brings me a lot in the professional field and I feel fulfilled.Gregoire, Educator Success +


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