Stories of Hope :Young Disciples, Revealers of Talents in Benin

Allow young people to build themselves

The project « Young Disciples, Revealers of Talents, Drivers of Hope » is a pastoral program of formation and animation of youth initiated and organized by Fondacio Benin in partnership with the « JEC » (Catholic Student Youth) which is a movement that works for the evangelization of young people in schools and universities through formation, information and awareness. It promotes proper education, civic engagement, peace and non-violence, among other values. It also undertakes concrete actions on the fight against cheating, corruption, drugs.

Give them keys to life

In August 2014, Fondacio initiated meetings with the communities, groups, movements and associations of the Catholic Church for a better proclamation of the God news of Jesus Christ in Benin and in the world. Faced with problems related to education, underemployment, precarity, unemployment and juvenile delinquency, the participants agreed that the Church suffers from the lack of commitment of its faithful towards young people.

The north-south divide, increasingly visible in public administration, schools and universities, constitutes a threat to peace and the future of young people. It constitutes a threat especially for the social well-being, in the context of large electoral political movements in Benin from 2015 to 2016, where young people are manipulated and disoriented in their quest for a better future. Fondacio seizes the opportunity of the great groups of young people to initiate « Young disciples, Revealers of talents, Drivers of hope » ; a program of training, awereness and exchange through music, games, conferences, debates and youth competitions.

Testimonials of hope 

« This initiative of Fondacio is very important, all the more, so since its goal is to popularize the notion of peace. Beyond football, it is a crucible of evangelization that allows young people to better discover, get to know and mobilize around PEACE. We are really happy to have participated in this competition and to have won the first prize. » TIANSSO Marcelin, Captain of team Saint Dominique Savio de Nina.

« We thank Fondacio for coming to us in our establishment to allow us to exchange without taboo and without complex… We hope that you will come back very soon. » Young pupil of the college Notre Dame des Apôtres of Cotonou

 A project that involves the development of young people
The objectives of the project « Young Disciples – Talents revealers – Drivers of Hope » can be grouped on three axes :

1.    Evangelizing through music:
Contribute to the peaceful coexistence of religions
Contribute to the evangelization of young people through music
Generate and detect talents for a life orientation

2.    Evangelizing through sport:
Offer young people a crucible of dialogue and fraternal sharing
Communicate on behaviours that promote peace
Help the young person to cooperate and develop team spirit

3.    Evangelizing through missionary outings: 
Communicate on hope and giving hope to young people
Help the young person to make choices in a process of reliable discernment
Make this time an opening of the Church of Benin to young laymen.


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