Stories of hope

Stories enchant us. We remember them long after they are told. And we pass them on to our next generation. They provide the links in our web of life.

Stories define us. They tell of our deepest aspirations, our hopes for the world around us. They mediate life and meaning to us. 

Stories provoke us. As we listen, we are invited to take our stand. For there are also stories of pain, suffering and perseverance. And we are asked to become the story-tellers of the voiceless.

We become the story we tell. They are the ground of our cultural, spiritual and ethical existence. Our shared experiences and memories bind us into community.

Here in these pages, we read some of the stories of audacious hearts and creative minds, persons forging new paths, and communities opening ways where none existed. A people in movement, responding to the needs and challenges of the times.

This is the story of Fondacio, living out its grace of mission, community and path of transformation, in the streets of history. This people in movement is also the Church. She is born of these multiple little "yes' that each protagonist proclaims and acts upon. It becomes a shared story of Jesus amidst us.

She is christians for the world.

Foreword by Charles Bertille (Fondacio in Asia)

Stories of hope