Succes plus' fourth public speaking competition

From April 14 to 30, 2021, was held at the community house of Fondacio Togo, headquarters of the Project Succes plus the 4th edition of the Public Speaking Competition.

The public speaking contest is part of the dynamics of Succes Plus to work with elementary school in Lomé, specifically those in the Tokoin airport area and its surroundings.

The objective of this activity is to "Contribute to the improvement of oral and written expression in schools in Lomé".

Indeed, Succes plus is a project of school supervision and socio-educational activities which aims at creating an educational and social welfare crossroads for children from families with very limited income on the one hand and on the other hand for all children of the Tokoin airport district and its surroundings in order to promote their academic success, to fight against school dropout, wandering and juvenile delinquency 

Succes plus concours oratoire
This 4th edition of the public speaking competition saw the participation of six elementary school namely

  • EPL Kouvahey
  • EPL Nethania
  • EPL Socrate
  • EPL Les Pédagogues
  • EI Dominion
  • EPL Sainte famille de Nukafu /

Each school represented by four students (Two girls, two boys).

At the end of the first three (3) tests (Dictation, reading, declamation of poem) the EPP Kouvahey (laureate of the 3rd edition) and the EPP Socrate (3rd of the 3rd edition) were in the final.

At the end of the individual test (Spelling of words) and the collective test (General culture), EPP Kouvahey won the first place before EPP Socrate.

Succes plus concours oratoireSucces plus concours oratoire

The general ranking of the students at the end of the final is as follows:

Succes plus concours oratoire

The competition ended with the award ceremony on April 30 with the presentation of prizes and certificates to all participants

Succes plus concours oratoire
Also different clubs of Success Plus such as: the theater and storytelling club, the Salsa club and the dance club, through performances have been able to keep the public in suspense throughout the competition.

We take this opportunity to say a sincere thank you to all schools that have trusted us, members of the Jury, Fondacio our first donor and all those individuals or entities through which this 4 editions of the competition of public speaking took place.

Succes plus concours oratoire
Editor: Sylvain Kalem ASSIRIMI