Successful mobilization for the benefit of single women.

Fondacio offers women in situations of fragility and isolation, living with a sense of personal uselessness, activities to meet the need for free friendship, self-discovery and discovery of one's abilities, in order to encourage their (re)construction.

Writing one's history or dreams, visiting Paris and its museums, doing a sports course, painting or working the land, allows one to discover oneself, to be amazed at one's own abilities while participating in a group dynamic. In addition, getting together, giving each other news, is a precious moment of pure gratuity in human relations where everyone knows they are loved and respected just as they are.

Until October 27th, it was possible to support our initiative (by a donation or by relaying the campaign) and to offer to women in difficulty a " fulfilling encounter " and precious moments of free friendship.

In partnership with the Monoprix Foundation and the Ulule online platform, the Research service de Fonds de Fondacio has organized a campaign of equity financing at the end of September 2019.
With 10,195 euros collected, it is a great success. collective. Thanks to the contributors! The donations collected will allow us to finance the Fondacio's social actions for single women, with or without children: outings cultural, creative workshops, time for exchange, initiation to zero waste, hiking outings, solidarity holidays... The success of this campaign, beyond allowing the realization of the activities, reinforces us in the idea that these make sense, confirms that Fondacio knows how to mobilize on this type of subject and that this new lever of appeal can be effective. 

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