Togo Celebrating ANGE 's 20th anniversary

Togo: More than 1,500 children reintegrated into their families by ANGE since 2001

Promoting children's rights and ensuring their safety in Togo is the mission of the NGO ANGE ( Les Amis pour une Nouvelle Génération des Enfants au Togo), which is celebrating its 20th anniversary on May 13, 2021. The NGO ANGE started the festivities with a thanksgiving mass at the Sacred Heart Junior Parish in Lomé. 

Created in 2001, ANGE works for the protection and promotion of the rights and interests of street children, and the care and support of these children who are victims of abuse and trafficking. Each year, about 900 children are taken in charge and followed regularly, of which at least 400 go to school and more than 1,500 children are reintegrated into their families.


After 20 years of actions in the field, ANGE has taken at least 1,500 children off the street and out of prison and reintegrated them into society as fulfilled men and women. Among other results obtained, it provides schooling to at least 800 children per year from Lomé to Cinkassé, and sends more than 34 young people to vocational training. These young people are currently working on their own account. It should also be noted that several children who have left the street are now abroad thanks to the support of the NGO ANGE according to Gabriel AMOUZOU, Executive Director of the said organization.


This positive result was obtained thanks to the five action poles set up by the NGO: the reception center "dans la maison de mon père", the reception center "Mon Refuge", the street project, the project of the brigade for minors and the development projects in Tchékpo Dédékpoè.

The NGO ANGE works in partnership with the Directorate General of Child Protection (DGPE) in Togo, UNICEF Togo, FONDACIO, RESAEV Togo and RELUTET. In addition to this Eucharistic celebration, other activities are planned to make the year 2021 brighter for children.