Training Institutes by Fondacio

The ever widening range of possibilities, the upheaval of values, the difficulties of the world of work make entry into working life a step sometimes difficult to take. Aspiring to a meaningful life, some young people seek their way in this complexity. The Training Institutes of Fondacio (IFF) are part of this priority and are dedicated to training young people on each continent: in Angers (France), Lomé (Togo) and Manila (Philippines) and soon Santiago (Chile).

They propose to students, Christians or not, to define and implement a professional project with meaning, at the service of society. They also offer those who are Christian training programs adapted to their desire to live their faith at the heart of their professional and personal commitments. 
The training programs are animated according to the pedagogy of Fondacio which makes dialogue personal questioning, proofreading, intellectual contributions, internships and places of engagement.

IFF Africa:

  • A Local Development BTS "Christian Actors of Local Development", in partnership with the IRFODEL (Research and Training Institute for Local Development).
  • Training sessions "Leadership and project development" for actors and promoters of development projects.
  • Conferences and conferences open to a wider audience to provide a forum for discussion and reflection on today's issues
  • "The University of the Tropics", summer session, intended for the members of the community of Fondacio Africa and intended to reinforce their capacities and competences for a better deployment of the engaged works.

More information on the IFF Africa website .

The IFF Asia:

The IFF Asia started in 2006. It is aimed at young people wishing to become involved and become actors of the renewal of the Church and civil society. He trains pastoral animators and also offers a Master's degree in Development Project Management, in partnership with Xavier-Ateneo de Cagayan University. It radiates throughout the Asia region and trains students from a dozen different countries: the Fondacio Asia site

IFF Europe:

IFF Europe was formally established in 1988 and works in partnership with the Catholic University of the West.

  • OPEN (Orientation Project Commitment) - Bac + 1: Deepen what gives meaning to its existence, better structure to succeed studies and professional life.
  • Conduct of humanitarian projects - Bac + 3: To train in the design and conduct of projects in the social, humanitarian and intercultural field.
  • Project Management Ethics and Practice - Christian Development Actors - Baccalaureate + 3: Consolidate and deepen one's faith, discover how to put one's talents at the service of society or the Church.
  • Tremplin course (six months from January to June): For those who stop studying during the year, question its orientation and question the meaning of its life: the IFF Europe website

"Before, I said" everything but responsibilities! ". This year, I managed to tame the responsibility little by little, so much so that I took a liking to it. As time went by, I became more and more passionate. The recognition on the part of others allowed me to calm my lack of confidence and to reinvigorate myself. I decided to stop my systematic self-exclusion and chose my career path. "

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