Tremplin 2020: They've bounced back

Like all of us, the young people of the Tremplin 2020 programme have been affected and turned upside down by the health crisis. The trip to Togo was cancelled, they found themselves confined to their parents' homes, they had to learn how to work by videoconference, some fell ill,... Their journey was strewn with various obstacles that could have weakened their motivation, yet the group has become more united to face them together and move forward united! They showed great flexibility, support for each other and creativity to continue the training and keep the links without physical contact. Almost all the workshops were able to take place, sometimes in another form, and the group resumed face-to-face on 18 May, at the same time as the schools. The Tremplin course was extended by a few weeks in order to prepare the group to launch into life with confidence and perseverance. Tremplin ended on July 1st with a closing ritual where each person spoke to their parents and the trainers to share their testimony. It was a beautiful and intense moment to say goodbye and to launch each one into the continuation of their life journey. 

On Saturday 10th October, the group met for a day to evaluate their progress three months after the end of their training and to exchange news. The joy of meeting again was there, despite the masks and the distances. The majority of the young people started with the motivation of new studies; educator, physiotherapist, landscape architect, assistant in psychology, brewery training, midwife, biomedical or aesthetic studies. The others bounced back to various projects such as citizen service or jobs. In all cases, everyone is moving forward on his or her own path with more confidence and a desire to enjoy life to the full. We wish them to continue to grow, discover, learn, surpass themselves and surprise themselves. Have a good journey!