UHMD responds to Fundacion Misericordia's call

Un Hogar Más Digno (UHMD) has come to the aid of a family at the request of the Misericordia Foundation. This is the family of Daniela and Fernando, who have three children, the last of whom was born just a few weeks ago.

Daniela, who worked as a cashier, lost her job because of the pandemic, which forced her to live with a cousin, who gave her a room where she can live with her three children. However, Fernando has to sleep at his parents' house, as there is not enough space for the five of them.

This is why the call for help reached the UHMD team, as the family urgently needs the extension of that space so that they can live together as a family, until they can move out on their own.


The team of Un Hogar Más Digno (UHMD) will advise them on an extension project and will propose that Fernando, who works in construction, plus two men of the family who work in the same field, can collaborate with the labour.

The project will soon be presented in detail to the family for approval and they will begin to look for ways to finance it.