Un hogar Mas Digno : improving Gina's bathroom

Un Hogar Mas Digno continues to look for ways to provide help to the families who need it most, despite a quarantine that makes it difficult to work on site. This is why in March this year, Un Hogar Mas Digno's team undertook to build a dignified and functional bathroom for Gina and her family, as the toilet is used by eleven people and is unhealthy, with access only to cold water and a curtain that serves as a door.

"It is a dream for me to have a decent toilet, necessary for our home, it has always been in bad condition, since I can remember we have showered with cold water and we don't have the necessary resources to fix it", says Gina, happy to find in Un Hogar Mas Digno the opportunity to improve her quality of life.

The team is currently carrying out the survey, budget and work plan for the project. They are also actively seeking resources to finance the work.

un hogar mas digno

What is Un Hogar Mas Digno ?

Building and improving houses of poor families in communes in the north of Santiago, Chile. This program supports families in an integral way seeking the development of the living conditions of these homes.

Their goals : build and improve homes for shortlisted families, through a personalized architectural design, in order to favor the development and coexistence of the family that inhabits it. It thus contributes to intra-family nonviolence, contributes to the reduction of overcrowding and improves people's living conditions.