Valentine 's Day : How to celebrate it during Covid

Valentine ’s Day 2021 may look a little different than what we are used to. In this little article you will find tips on how to make this day great ( perhaps even more than the past ones ! ).

Here is your chance to be more creative and thoughtful when it comes to Valentine’s Day activities  to make this February 14th the most memorable one yet!

  • Take an online cooking class and prepare your own meal

Do you usually enjoy a nice gourmet meal at the restaurant for Valentine's Day? Check online for your favorite recipes, go to the grocery store with your partner and start cooking !

If you don’t feel cooking an entire meal you have some options :

  • Order takeout

If you don't like cooking or  you’d just rather relax than cook, then you can support a local business by ordering instead. Order all of your favorite dishes from a local establishment, enjoy a glass of wine with your honey, and wait for your meal to arrive.

  • Bake together

Even if you don't want to cook a whole diner you can bake a quick dessert : Find a simple recipe online or in your favorite cookbook for a dessert you’d like to make together. Even melting some chocolate chips in a bowl and dipping fresh fruit in it can be delicious and romantic. 

  • Have an Romantic Indoor Picnic

Spread out on the living room floor what you have cooked, baked or ordered and bottle of wine/ bubbles/ or any beverages you like. Make sure to set the scene with a cheerful picnic blanket and pack a basket, if you have a firepit it’s even better !

  • Create cocktails together

Learn to create your favorite cocktails or make up some new ones! There are a lot of recipes and mixology tutorials online to guide you through your cocktail experimentation. 

  • Take a virtual tour

The Covid crisis and the social distancing rules may have made it more difficult to travel places, visit museums, see a ballet, or even go to the opera. Luckily for you, a lot of those places have decided to offer virtual museum tours, a lot of theater plays have been broadcasted live and are avaible online, dance performances are also available online. Search online for virtual tours of museums, opera houses, art galleries for a cultural virtual date !

  • Plan a Game night

If you want to enjoy a fun night with your partner, take your favorite board games out of the cupboard and have a fun evening ! 

  • Have a romantic Movie Night

For a cosy more chilled Valentine's day as a couple, you can both choose a film each and watch them together. Don't forget the popcorn and your favorite snacks !

  • Spa Day At Home

Why not bring the spa to you? Pamper yourselves at home. Trade off giving each other massages with stress-relieving oil, chill out with hydrating face masks. Take care of yourselves !

  • Write a love letter

As we can’t see our loved ones like normal this year, a simple but effective option to add a smile to their face is to write and send a letter in the post or pop it through their front door.
This is a meaningful way to express to someone you love how much you miss, and love them during these difficult times. This is especially a thoughtful idea for a grandparent or family member you haven’t been able to see, we all need a little love this Valentine’s.

Fondacio France created a leaflet in french to help you plan your special Valentine's Day date !


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