Volunteers during the pandemic in Chile

From Fondacio we always thank and appreciate the participation of all our national and foreign volunteers, who give all their love and effort for others. In this opportunity we wanted to share and listen to some of the French volunteers who have had to spend the coronavirus pandemic in a foreign country and who have seen their plans and expectations for this 2020 changed.

To this end, they shared some of their reflections and thoughts from these months, in which they highlight good experiences and are grateful for having spent this time in Chile.

"This time has been a little strange, but I had a good time, because I was lucky to live with my roommate, who is also a volunteer at Fondacio and we were lucky to have the accompaniment of our beloved Ximena". Francoise.

"Personally it has been quite good to live indoors, after a year living in Chile I felt less of a foreigner, I can't complain". Cyprien.

"It wasn't what we planned, but I discovered that you can put together very nice things for Zoom and we had a lot of work during this time at IFF America". Julie.

Picture : Social photo created by freepik - www.freepik.com.

You can see their testimonies in the following video: