Areas activity

Areas of Activity

Fondacio operates in multiple sectors of activity aimed at different audiences, in a variety of ways adapted to each culture and particular situation, in order to respond to the aspirations and quests, dissatisfactions and poverty of the world.

Activities adapted to needs

In total coherence with its cause ('Building a more humane and fair world') and based on its experience and know-how, Fondacio offers many different types of activities, adapted to the culture specific to each country: 

  • Formation sessions or cycles, sharing groups, for people at different key stages of their lives (young people, couples and families, seniors and elders) or as part of their professional and social responsibilities (leaders in society).
  • Solidarity projects for the most deprived and excluded.
  • More targeted activities or projects on major themes for the evolution of the world and society: integral ecology, social entrepreneurship, spiritual life. 


To facilitate access to these activities and related events, they have been grouped into major “areas of activity”: 

Young people

Welcome, awaken, accompany, train, educate,... help young people to build themselves in their relationship with themselves, others and the world. Camps, retreats, educational projects, tutoring, thematic internships, international volunteer missions... Fondacio watches over these future builders of a more humane and fair world.

Couples and families

To provide solutions and tools to build the foundations of a fulfilled life together, to help establish the foundation to protect the family and to know how to use psychological and spiritual support to be stronger at 2. For Fondacio, the balance within the couple is decisive in building the framework of a fertile and fulfilled family life.


To reveal to oneself and to others for a new stage of life. To stimulate desires to discover, to commit oneself, to take advantage of one's time of retreat for new horizons: volunteering, fraternities, spiritual deepening, resourcing with nature... Fondacio offers answers to those who want to live fully, in a spirit of detachment and youth of heart.


Provide ways of reflection and transformation for more human and spiritual leadership in the service of others. Propose keys to put into action methods of collegial discernment and collective responsibility on the models of the liberated company. The young leaders in society represent one of the priority missionary axes for Fondacio and for which new proposals are emerging in different countries.


Rehabilitating disadvantaged neighborhoods, supporting poor local populations, helping access to decent housing, welcoming abandoned children, implementing prevention, hygiene and health actions, running educational centers, training young people to help them integrate or develop projects, etc. Many local initiatives are supported and encouraged. Working for greater solidarity is one of the foundations of Fondacio, which has always been committed to helping the most disadvantaged. 

Social Business

Encourage economic and social development initiatives in an approach that respects people and the environment, create models for supervising and supporting young rural people in agricultural entrepreneurship, encourage the development of projects of a new generation of builders... [lien vers les page correspondante]

Integral ecology

Support projects that respond to the new challenges of a more humane and authentic ecology, promote solutions of progress that are concerned with the preservation of the planet while respecting and ensuring the well-being of the human family. In this respect Fondacio is in line with the call of the Encyclical Laudato Si' of Pope Francis to preserve the common house, in order to respond both to the degradation of nature and to those of human relations. "The cry of the earth is also the cry of the poor".


To propose formation programs or sessions aimed at the expectations of diversified audiences, mainly for young people with the Institutes of Formation Fondacio on the 4 continents, but also with proposals adapted in each country: educational support, assistance for professional integration, project management, personal development and spiritual renewal.


To offer to those who are in search of meaning and wish to deepen their faith several possibilities such as spaces for reflection and spiritual openness, moments of exchange with others, insights into man and life, possibilities of involvement in projects. Fondacio offers several possibilities of accompaniment and welcomes everyone as they are and as they believe in themselves, in a spirit of ecumenism and dialogue.


To make available and maintain "community know-how", inspired by the grace of Christian community life, which leads people on a path of transformation and gives a specific color to all Fondacio's missionary projects. This grace is particularly embodied in sharing groups on a human scale that allow us to journey with others. 


Some proposals may be linked to more than one of these business lines, depending on the entry point used.

Fondacio has also created Institutes of Formation on each continent for young people seeking a professional orientation or a commitment to society that is meaningful for their lives.

To carry out its activities successfully, Fondacio engages in multiple partnerships and collaborations in a spirit of mutual support and synergy of skills and resources.

To find out more, visit Fondacio's various national websites